The Fallout of the Internet: Is it Possible?

When it comes to the internet, a lot of people depend on it. Everyday people are either on their computers, phones, laptops, etc. They use it for everything from work and school projects to watching cat videos and checking facebook. They are highly dependent on it. But, what would happen if the internet could not work anymore. What if it just collapsed. Is it possible for such an awful thing to happen?

Let’s look at what would the world do if the internet collapsed. Nowadays, everything uses the internet such as TVs, gaming consoles, and phones. So, if the internet did collapse, it would likely be impossible to do simple things as watch TV or send a text message or sending files to others. Jonathan Strickland talks more about this in his article, “What would happen if the internet collapsed?” He says that not only will it cause people to not be able to use the internet for everyday things, but there would also be an economic fallout which can also cause a political crisis. With all of that taking into account, it’s safe to conclude that something like this will devastate the world and would cause total chaos. However, is it possible for this to actually happen?

Can the internet actually collapse? The answer to this question is yes, but it would be almost impossible to do. But it is possible. Scott White actually explains it in his article called “How to Destroy the Internet.” In the article, he gives a big list on how someone would be able to do it, but, by the end, he explains that the internet would still be available even after that and furthermore, it’s impossible for one person to pull off thousands of attacks on the entire planet all at once. Additionally, Strickland also says that it’s almost impossible for a total internet collapse because of the internet backbone that he describes.

So, yes it is possible for the internet to collapse, but it’s highly unlikely that it will.


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