The Importance of the Internet In Our Everyday Lives

For the past few month, I have been attending a media literacy class where I learned about the history of the World Wide Web, the internet, and how people use it. If there was one thing that I took away from that is that the Internet plays an important part in our daily lives. It not only provides us entertainment, but it makes school assignments and work projects easier to do. It may have some downsides, like the lack of privacy, but the good definitely outweighs the bad.

To an individual, the internet is important mainly because it allows you to do things that you would not be able to do if the internet did not exist. An article from talks more about the importance of the internet and the advantages it has for an individual. Some of the advantages it lists include increase credibility, increase exposure, greater quantity and quality of inquiries, maintain information that’s “up to the minute” accurate, and save money on printing, phone usage, and postage. When reading the article, you can see that most of the advantages that are listed also apply to businesses. So, the internet can make it easier for businesses to get their name out their and succeed.

The internet may be important for businesses and individuals, but it’s also important in terms of children’s education. According to a UK study done late last year, “UK teenagers without the internet are ‘educationally disadvantaged.'” When interviewing the teenagers, they found that “they felt shut out of their peer group socially and also disadvantaged in their studies as so much of the college or school work set for them to do at home required online research or preparation.” You often hear parents and teacher today complaining about how the internet is distracting kids from their studies while disregarding all of the good that it can provide. And, this study shows that a kid without access can actually be damaging to a child’s education.

All of the reasons listed about the internet’s importance may seem obvious to many, seeing as most people are using it, but there are some people who believe that the internet and even technology is a nuisance and shows signs of the end of face-to-face communication. While I agree that people nowadays are on the internet/phones way too much, I still acknowledge the importance and all of the advantages it has. The internet is important and, since most people are using it, people need to embrace it, not ignore it.  


Designing a Website: Things That You Should Consider

When meeting someone new, everyone knows that it’s important to make a good first impression. The same goes with websites. A website’s design is almost just as important as the content that is on the website. If a person goes to a website and the website contains weird fonts, unflattering colors, etc. then that person won’t even bother to even see what the website is about because they’re so uncomfortable with the web’s design.

When designing a website, there are many things a person has to consider. One of the most important factors that needs to be considered is readability. An article from talks about “10 Principles For Readable Web Typography.” These principles include user-friendly headers, scannable text, consistency, organization of information, good margins, etc. It also talks about the importance of hierarchy, contrast, and how long a a line should be. It may seem like a lot, but how is person suppose to read your content and know who you are/what are you selling if they can’t read anything at all because of the blinding colors or the distracting fonts.

Not only is readability important, but the usability and the ease of navigation are equally as important. A website should have content that is easy to use and that works. It also should being easy to navigate around and find the things that you are looking for.

With all of this in mind, let’s evaluate a site some young people my age, including myself, like to look at quite often and share some of the articles on Facebook, BuzzFeed. This site contains all kinds of articles from news stories to countdown lists of nostalgic TV moments. When you go to the home page, you see an example of what a website should look like. First off, it has a white background and text that is either blue or black and is the correct size so it really easy to read. Another thing is that it lists a lot of stories, but it successfully done because he articles are all contain only a title, a header, and a description that is only sentence. When reading on the web, people don’t like to read a lot so it’s really good that the site keeps it short and sweet. Some of the links/images only contain the title or just the image with title shown when your mouse is over it, which is really clever. And, with a lot of articles/images contains within it a lot of options for a person so it’s easy to find what they’re looking for. Plus, there are the main option at the top of the page so that you can search for the kind of articles you want to look at. The only thing that I can criticize about the website is that the home page does have a lot of images and can seem a little bit overwhelming. However, the images aren’t distracting or uncomfortable to look at so it’s not that bad.

If you are thinking about designing a website of your own it’s important to understand that the only people that you should think about are the people looking at your website and how your content will be perceived by them. What you put out there on the web tells what kind of person you are and having a poorly design website will make people think that you’re sloppy and unorganized. To help you make sure that your website readable and attractive, the people at have come up with some tips. The tips that are listed should be very helpful and are very true when it comes to making a website. So, if you are interested, you should check it out. All of these factors that have been stated are essential for an attractive website. Because, if your website isn’t good or easy to look at, then people will click out of it as soon as they can and won’t even give you a chance.