Journalism Adapting to New Technology

In such a short amount of time, technology has expanded tremendously. Everybody now is on their smartphones checking their email, on facebook, watching videos, and all kinds of other apps that do an infinite amount of things.

So, what is this doing to the world of journalism? With technology drastically changing, journalism has had to adapt to that change and use this new technology to reach its consumers.

The age of the newspaper is dying because journalism has had to transfer to the internet. In an article by NewsView, the author Franks states that journalism has to focus on its consumers by making the news available not only on smartphones, but also on our televisions and our laptops. The news has to be easy to access from anywhere.

With journalism having to change with technology, journalism has expanded. In fact, it has become even better than it was in the past. Richard Gingras explains in his article that the openness of the internet has made it possible for other voices to be heard.

With the internet being everywhere nowadays, journalism has followed suit. The news is on TV screens, on the internet, and blogs are making it possible for ordinary people to voice their opinions and become journalists themselves. And, it can only get better from here on out.


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